i'm selling my art/what's been going on in irl

2014-04-29 12:28:17 by deadsmileface

hey, guy! if you interested, i'm selling my art and stuff---> http://www.redbubble.com/people/vigilanteana.

what going in my life?

well, my mom is in the hospital again since last saturday. she was a deep sleep and unresponding whenever we tried to call her or wake up her. she, also, having trouble breathing too. she been holding her breath about 30s. last sunday it got worst. got a call from my dad who went to check on her said to me she didn't wake up and it got me and my family worried. so, me, my brother, and the kids (my baby nephew and niece) we to sent her. we were got there my aunt and my uncle was there. my aunt got my mom to wake up and once we see her in the ICU she was sleep. they put a tight oxygen mask on her to keep her breathing.

yesterday, we went to see her again and she looks a bit fine and awake and talking.


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2014-04-29 14:09:56

Deep sleep is a scary thing. Good luck!